Storing Stencils

The smart Inoflex cart has been designed to increase the speed at which soldering stencils can be stored and retrieved. Each stencil can be stored or retrieved in less than 10 seconds. Each intelligent storage compartment in the Inoflex has a sensor that detects when stencils are being placed or removed and an LED that indicates where the stencils are.

Optimised storage:

  • To insert a stencil into the rack, the operator scans or manually enters the stencil number, places the stencil in a protective bag and inserts it anywhere on the shelf. The Inoflex detects where the stencil has been placed and saves the storage location for later retrieval.
  • When a stencil is needed for an order, the operator can search the software for the respective stencil number or import a selection list with the desired stencil numbers. The Inoflex illuminates the positions of the required stencils and the operator can easily remove the stencils at the specified locations.
  • If a wrong stencil is removed, the picking process is stopped and the Inoflex indicates that unauthorized removal has occurred.
  • To record the cleaning cycles as well as the number of printing operations, a connection to the Printer possible.


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