Software Solutions

Cogiscan is the leading track, trace and control (TTC) solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry.   The scalable Cogiscan platform perfectly integrates with all major equipment types, and is highly configurable to enable a personalized solution to each customer’s specific production needs.  Since 1999 Cogiscan has attained several international patents for TTC hardware and software, and has won multiple awards throughout the years.

For the past 15 years Cogiscan has been widely recognized as the industry-leading expert in TTC solutions for PCB Assembly.  During this time, the scope and depth of the Cogiscan application modules have evolved into a comprehensive TTC solution for the complete assembly of electronic products, including factory wide Connectivity to enable the Factory of the Future and Industry 4.0.



The TTC Middleware is the foundation for all Cogiscan Track Trace Control applications. This robust connectivity layer extracts high quality real-time data from your shop floor. It can also exchange data with existing enterprise systems such as PLM, MES, ERP and Analytics.

Co-NECT provides the foundation for the Factory of the Future. Its open architecture opens up multiple options for future development instead of limiting your roadmap to a single vendor solution.