People access control system

Protect yourself against infection with our temperature scan gates!

Fever is a sign of a Covid-19 (corona) or flu infection. The probability of infecting yourself or others is high. It is important to avoid or at least limit infections.

The risk of infection can be significantly reduced by using access control systems with body temperature measurement.
The systems are easy to assemble and install and are ready to use immediately. If a temperature above an adjustable limit value is measured, the system sets off a visual (LEDs light red) and acoustic alarm signal. Incoming and outgoing persons are counted by light barrier sensors.


What is the difference between measuring temperature with camera or with sensor?

IR-S Systems: In oder to measure the body temperature, free parts of the body like forehead or wrist have to be placed in front of one of the two sensors. The measurement takes place in about 1 second!

IR-K Systems: The temperature is measured at free body parts while passing the gate. The measurement can be watched as a thermal image on an external monitor in real-time. The integrated mini-PC logs all data, which can be thus evaluated and analysed for an even better overview. Several IR-K Systems can be connected to a network.



SmartRep offers the people access control systems in cooperation with Smart Systemtechnik GmbH, a partner company of SmartRep GmbH.


  • Contactless and fast temperature measurement
  • 7´´ LCD Touch Display
  • Adjustable temperature limit
  • Counting of incoming and outgoing persons
  • Easy assembly
  • Ready for immediate use

The people access control systems (IR-K and IR-S) are available in different configurations:

  • Standard version: As standard version each system reliably measures the temperature and counts incoming and outgoing persons.
  • 3000 series: The version with integrated metal detector guarantees the extra security.
  • The systems with a passage width of 1.20 metres are also suitable for wheelchair users and passers-by with bulky luggage.


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