Panasonic Printers

High quality printing for the highspeed line as well as for the requirements of the colorful production mix: No more printer-related bottlenecks in the production-line – Panasonic printers are designed for throughput and precision.

Panasonic’s high-speed SPG printer is the ultimate solution for lean SMT production combined with optimized material flow. Excellent cost-benefit ratio and highest productivity underline a stable quality. A new type of cleaning unit and automatic paste feeding optimize the running costs. The performance of the SP series is based on highest flexibility, reliability and accuracy. Intuitive operation and programming allow almost automatic setup and control of the printing operation.

Equipped with a three-stage conveyor belt, the printer never becomes a bottleneck. The outstanding productivity of the Panasonic SPG printer is rounded off by the integrated inspection system, which also serves to benefit the entire production line.


  • Compatible with all common standard templates
  • Double-sided, motor-driven squeegee with closed loop monitoring and squeegee pressure control
  • Assistant guided setup for product change
  • Variable separation and jump-off method for ideal printing results
  • Programs are used 1:1 by Panasonic mounters
  • Automatic solder feed and stencil cleaning
  • 21″ to 29″ frames can be processed without adapter thanks to the universal stencil holder
  • One-touch setting of the support pins and carrier plates integrated in the conveyor rails to stabilize the print quality
  • Squeegees can be replaced by one-touch operation
  • Three-part transport system for quick PCB change


  • Automatic solder paste supply from cans (dual, for uninterrupted production)
  • Closed squeegee head for FinePitch applications and for minimum cleaning
  • Optimized airflow transcription for optimal paste release
  • Quick change modules for PCB support with magnetic pins (time saving for product change)
  • Automatic stencil stop (Y) for fastest stencil positioning
  • Surface detection of the stencil by laser scanning
  • Advanced solder paste inspection with bridge detection
  • High-speed cleaning station in parallel operation with vacuum module
  • Barcode-supported product change
  • LP top side clamping system
  • Vacuum support for very thin or warped circuit boards
  • Temperature/Humidity Control Unit (TCU)
  • Automated product change
  • Extension stencil sizes (L x W): 650mm x 550mm, 600mm x 550mm


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