Panasonic Mounter AM100

The AM 100 is Panasonic’s all-rounder model and offers a perfect balance between productivity and versatility thanks to its single-head design and the use of linear drives. The modular one-portal machine with its 14-pipette head and 160 roller guides equips an impressive range of components. The system offers non-stop product changeover through “Feeder Anywhere” and “Nozzle Anywhere”.

The AM 100 not only offers reliability and performance, but also flexibility, as the feeders are identical to those for Panasonic’s CM and NPM series. In addition, multi-screen and multi-width conveyors reduce investment. Panasonic has a wide range of special and bar magazine conveyors as well as tray systems.

Further information about our mounter AM100 from Panasonic will be available here soon.