Smart MSD Cart

Storing MSD materials is possible directly on the production line with our Inocart Smart MSD: The Inocart Smart MSD prevents components from cracking during the reflow process by controlling the moisture control of the individual chambers. The system manages components according to the J-STD-033B standard. The managed MSD levels are 2, 2a, 3, 4, 5, 5a.


  • The Smart MSD Cart has 32 isolated hives that can store reels up to 13”, as well as trays, PCB stacks, and other packages.
  • The Smart MSD Cart uses a desiccant dryer system to remove moisture from the air. This dry air is then circulated throughout the system to maintain less than 5% relative humidity in each hive location.
  • When a customer needs to place a package into the Smart MSD Cart, they scan the package information into the system, and place it into any hive that can accommodate the package. The Smart MSD Cart detects when the hive is opened and closed, and automatically records the stored location.
  • Every time one of the isolated hives is opened, circulation is cut off throughout the system to ensure that no other location sees a rise in humidity. Once all the hives are closed again, circulation resumes, and an individual hive can return to under 5% RH in under 4 minutes.


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