Laser marking with YJ Link

With the new YJ Link laser marking system, designed for speed and performance, printed circuit boards can be marked quickly and permanently.
Using the latest laser technology, 1D and 2D codes as well as logos or characters are applied to the surface of a wide variety of materials.

A special highlight: The turning station, which is already integrated as standard, allows printed circuit boards to be marked on both sides in a single process step. With the CO2 laser you can mark your PCBs clearly, reliably, quickly and permanently.
Traceability is ensured and your data is backed up by a log file.

Labelling options:

  • 1D Code: Code39, Code128, ITF, NW7, JAN/UPC, RSS14, RSS
  • 2D Code: QR, Micro QR, Data Matrix, GS1 Data Matrix
  • Logo-format: BMP, DXF, HPGL, JPEG, AI, EPS.

Automation and MES connection:
We also implement the MES connection for you and provide the necessary automation – whether as a stand-alone solution or integrated in a line.


  • Highest accuracy and exact positioning through integrated fiducial camera system
  • Integrated high speed turning station enables marking on both sides in one process step
  • Powerful BOFA suction system with pre-filter and HEPA filter for a clean marking process
  • Multicolor LED illumination unit for best marking of different PCB colors
  • Panasonic surface ionizing unit


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