Laser Marking with Panasonic

Panasonics LPS-C Laser Marker combines high-speed and high quality: He labels a minium space of 0,1 mm x 0,1 mm with 3000mm/s and recognizes automatically X-Y coordinates. The system is able to laser letters, numbers, barcodes, QR-codes and data matrix codes.

Labeling inspection can be done with a barcode reader. Labeling and verification information are saved and can be exported via LAN and SD-card. An offline-editor enables program generation while the machine continues to mark printed circuit boards. A turning station can be integrated into the Laser Marker for printed circuit boards to be marked on both sides. Of course the laser marking system can also be connected to the PanaCIM software.


  • Maximum laser area: 55 x 55mm
  • Laser wave length: 10,6µm
  • Laser power: 5W
  • Laser type: class 4 CO2 laser