KIC Software

In addition to the classic Profiler for individual evaluation and optimization of the soldering process, KIC offers several additional useful tools and software. You can realize full traceability and evaluate smalles details statistically with our software tools.

Take the benefits from our Know-How – let us advise you which software can be useful in your production:

The KIC Navigator software automatically determines the optimum settings for your product and your oven. After the initial profile was run, the software evaluates the profile and brings it in the process window. Then you will automatically receive the best possible setting for your oven. You can optimize your setting parameters to paste specification, speed and energy efficiency.

The KIC Auto Focus software is a expert system that proposes the best oven setting for new PCB´s, to solder the PCB within the specification.

The KIC Start analyzes mathematically and objectively the profile, that fits in the available process window. The KIC Start software uses an advanced grapical user interface that guides you intuitively through the profiling. The software can also measure the process Window Index™ (PWI).