Inline X-Ray Inspection with Techvalley

Techvalleys HAWKEYE series combines ultra- high speed, precision and repetition accuracy and thus makes the X.ray inspection system a perfect inline-solution. The systems are designed for complex double-sided assemblies and demandig housings: SiP, PoP, SoP.

The i-TOP-technology makes the HAWKEYE series up to 70% faster than other systems with a rate of false alarm minor than 3%. This numbers were proven in an evaluation with Samsung 5G products.

Techvalley has been established on the asian market for 22 years and serves major customers such as Samsung, Hyundai Motor and LG. The systems were designed for automotive, smartphone, battery and LED sectors. Techvalley now brings the inline X-ray systems to Europe and has set up an European headquarts with a demo-center and technicians in hungary.


  • Complete automation of all processes from input through inspection to good/bad sorting of large sample quantities
  • First class precision is reached by a high-resolution digital X-ray detector
  • Offers high-speed inspection (0,4~0,8sec/dot)
  • Low pseudo error rate through laminography and iTop technology
  • Self-diagnosis system



i-TOP stands for “Inspection Technology for Overlapped Patterns” and is an unique alorithm-processing technology based on artificial intelligence.
i-TOP goes beyond classical laminography and detects precisely all errors in overlapping components on double-sided assembled circiut boards.


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