HC Printer

Intelligent solder paste printing system with high flexibility and well thought-out concept

Thanks to its robust design and clever control mechanisms, the HC system can offer above-average process and repeat accuracy even for high-precision paste printing requirements.


Connection options for SPI and MES interfaces eliminate many possible errors even during the first process steps, without burdening the attention of the operating personnel.

An integrated 2D paste inspection rounds off the system of control instances. Variable lighting settings enable individual contrast settings for precise evaluations. All functions relating to process reliability are monitored and controlled by closed control loops – from the real-time pressure regulation of the motor-driven, freely mounted squeegee to the control of sufficient solder paste volume on the stencil.

Many design details of the HC platform reflect the manufacturer’s ambition, to provide the user with tools that are as individual and unrestricted as possible. Thanks to programmable side clamping, additional top side clamping and (vacuum) support modules, printed circuit boards from 0.2 – 6.0 mm can be fixed without warping. A planar stencil contact is therefore a matter of course.


In order to guarantee the cleanliness of the stencil and thus an ideal release behaviour of the solder paste from the stencil openings, a freely programmable cleaning unit was added to the printer, which can process all common cleaning media and has its own vacuum pump. Cycles and directions can be precisely matched to the rheological characteristics of the pastes.

If components have to be additionally secured against rotation or displacement, a precise adhesive dispenser with an easy-to-clean needle valve provides an ideal option for taking these effects into account after printing.


All in all, the HC system offers the user a stable and sophisticated platform with a multitude of customizable features for unrestricted confidence in the process and result. This concept is complemented by extremely low maintenance and service costs, which contributes to an outstanding ROI.


For questions and details, the Smart Rep team will be happy to advise you. The same applies of course to a personal demonstration of the HC printing system in the Smart Rep application centre in Hanau.


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