Goods receipt scanner with robot arm

Full automation of incoming goods now with MODI’s Robo-WES: The successful incoming goods table has been extended by a robot arm which automatically places the component rolls on the scanner and applies a unique ID label after ERP booking. The Robo works 24/7, always precisely and eliminates risks of human carelessness – the new way of handling incoming goods. A zero-defect strategy in goods receipt is thus within reach!

The goods receipt scanner with robot arm has all the same advantages as the version without robot:

Frequently, several different labels are placed on the material containers in addition to the manufacturer’s label and the information is not always assigned to the individual code types such as manufacturer part number (MPN) or lot number (LOT). When this data is entered manually by employees, human errors occur every day: a 3 is confused with an 8, the wrong label is put on the roll and so on. Therefore MODI has developed the goods receipt scanner, which makes the goods receipt process safe and fast by automatically reading the data.

In the basic version of the table an employee has to place the component rolls on the table and apply the automatically generated label, now this is done by the robot using a special roll carriage. All relevant data is recorded by scan within 1-2 seconds and booked into the ERP system. The incoming goods scanner not only reads all types of barcode labels, but can also recognize plain text.

Learn everything about the basic version of the incoming goods scanner here.

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information on the robot arm in a personal discussion or to develop individual logistics concepts with you!