The E-by-SIPLACE sets the new standard for quality in all-round placement solutions. Built on top of an extremely stiff frame, the E by SIPLACE moves its gantries and placement heads with non-wearing, precise linear drives and controllers that have proven themselves in high-end solutions. Features of the high flexible system are for example the digital SIPLACE Vision System, wich inspects each component with individually adjustable light settings that make even the smallest detail visible. The newly developed E-feeders supply the components at defined pick-up points.



Please visit the E-by-Siplace Website for further information.


  • Digital High End SIPLACE Vision System
  • Process control with placement force sensors
  • High-precision linear motor
  • E-Feeder: intelligent and wireless
  • Five different innovative placement heads
  • Touchscreen with Software-Wizard
  • Component supply with E-Feeder, Stick-Feeder and Tray-Feeder
  • E-Speed: 45.300 cph
  • Flexible component range from 01005 – up to 200mm x 110mm
  • Highest availability in its class
  • Proven SIPLACE technology