CuttingMaster Series

Flexibility, space savings, freedom of design – laser depaneling opens up numerous potentials. Because the laser beam requires only a few μm as a cutting channel, more individual circuits can be placed on a multiple panel. In addition, compared to mechanical separation processes, only minimal protection zones need to be set up between conductor paths and components. Both mechanical and thermal stress are significantly reduced when laser cutting PCBs.
Almost any cutting contour is possible with minimal radii, which gives great design freedom.



CuttingMaster 2000-series

With its compact footprint, the CuttingMaster 2000 series saves valuable space in production.

Equipped with the CleanCut technology, the CuttingMaster excels with technically clean cut edges with closed surfaces after depaneling.

Best cutting quality and high throughput at a price that rivals mechanical milling machines make the CuttingMaster2000 the price-performance winner.

With three different laser strengths (15W, 27W and 32W) and two laser types (UV laser / green laser), the CuttingMaster2000 meets almost any requirement.




CuttingMaster 3000er-series


The CuttingMaster 3000 convinces with highest precision due to its equipment with linear drives and a working area which is considerably larger than the working area of the 2000 series.

The CuttingMaster 3000 series is equipped with different laser sources and pulse durations in the nanosecond and picosecond range, enabling the processing of different materials: whether Flex, Rigid-Flex or FR4 (all strengths) and of course LTCC, Al2O3, PTFE, LCP – the depaneling machines cut everything!

Moreover, the CuttingMaster 3000 can also be used for drilling applications.


We will be happy to find out together with you which laser system you need for the special requirements of your production! Whether an EMS service provider who must always be flexible or an LED specialist with particularly long boards – we have the right laser depanelling system for every requirement! Find the right contact person here…