For the transfer, transport and buffering of the curcuit boards in your production line, SmartRep offers a wide product portfolio. Choose the best for your production with one of our varios conveyor systems.

In additation to standard conyveor in different widths, we have a lot of special solutions:


Our Conveyor systems serve for buffering and transfering PCBs within a production line. The systems are available at different segment lengths.

Flip station

In this station the PCBs can be flipped vertically. The bottom of the PCB is turned up. The system can also be run in a pass through mode.

Shuttle system

With our shuttle system a combination of single track and double track within the production line will be possible. PCBs can be distributed from single to double track and return.

Scan station

The scan station offers you scanning of 1D/2D-Codes at top- and/or bottom side of a PCB within the production line. The position of the scanner can be set manually.

Gate conveyor

Production lines are often too long for fast and smooth production flow. With a gate conveyor you can cross the line easily. This is realized with a retractable and extendible telescopic conveyor. In its basic position the conveyor is retracted. For handover of a PCB the conveyor extends.


Just contact us, we will provide you the appropriate systems for your production, from our comprehensive product portfolio.

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