Buffer for KohYoung system

This unique buffer system matches perfect to your KohYoung System. The classification of bad PCBs is done with the KohYoung software and the PCBs can be taken out on a special removal position without stopping the process itself and in order to avoid a mix-up with good PCBs. The system communicates with the KohYoung system through a RS232 Interface.



  • Automatic width adjustment via KohYoung system
  • Programmable dwell period of PCBs
  • Manual input of PCBs in the line is possible
  • Multicolored touch screen display for operation modes
  • Programmable pitch: 1 – 10/20
  • Buffer capacity max. 10/20 PCBs (rate GOOD/NG programmable)
  • Seperate removal-position for NG PCBs