Storing Stencils

The smart Inoflex cart has been designed to increase the speed at which soldering stencils can be stored and retrieved. Each stencil can be stored or retrieved in less than 10 seconds. Each intelligent storage compartment in the Inoflex has a [...]

Stockroom Concept

Whether complete warehouse, individual module or intermediate storage at the SMD line - every production has its own workflow and usually a good soul that keeps track. Because it is immensely important for SmartFactory that the right material [...]

Cutting Master

The Cutting Master is a price-performance miracle: It is suitable for Flex, Rigid-Flex and FR4 circuit boards up to 0.5 mm.

Flexibility, space savings, freedom of design - laser depaneling opens up numerous potentials. Because the laser beam [...]


The MicroLine panel cutters are regarded as all-rounders: Depending on the configured laser source, they can be used to process flex, rigid-flex, FR4 up to 1.6 mm, LCP, PTFE, LCP, LTCC.

Flexibility, space savings, freedom of design - laser [...]


Speed and premium cutting: The PicoLine from LPKF combines flexibility, quality and speed in depaneling. Whether flex, rigid-flex or FR4 (all thicknesses) and of course LTCC, Al2O3, PTFE, LCP - the PicoLine depanellers cut [...]

Smart Carts for SMD

Inocart is an intelligent storage solution for SMD production. Inocarts are available for all materials used in electronic manufacturing: From stencils and SMD components to tubes, the variety of smart shelves is endless. These are available as [...]

Smart MSD Cart

Storing MSD materials is possible directly on the production line with our Inocart Smart MSD: The Inocart Smart MSD prevents components from cracking during the reflow process by controlling the moisture control of the individual chambers. The [...]


Koh Young conquers a new market: The 3D measuring technology perfected in the field of SPI and AOI is now also used in CNC and assembly processes to check the quality of milled parts.

The MOI system INFY offers:

Accurate True 3D [...]

Pin Inspection with P3

The NEW Pin Inspector P3 from Koh Young combines innovative vision algorithms with advanced 3D measurement technology for pin inspection. It measures height, offset, coplanarity and checks if the pin is present.

Artificial intelligence makes [...]

Koh Young Zenith 2

Koh Young presents the latest generation of its 3D AOI systems: Zenith 2, a perfected further development of the successful automatic optical inspection system Zenith. Numerous user suggestions were incorporated into this new platform. For [...]