Disinfection station SMART1600

Step out of your office and look around: Where are your disinfectant-dispensers? Perhaps hanging on the walls. But is this really the best positioning? Disinfection is also useful in other places - such as in the entrance area.

Fast and [...]

People access control system

Protect yourself against infection with our temperature scan gates!

Fever is a sign of a Covid-19 (corona) or flu infection. The probability of infecting yourself or others is high. It is important to avoid or at least limit [...]

X-ray Component Counter

New: HAWKEYE 1000 
SmartRep presents with his x-ray specialist Techvalley the lastest generation of the X-ray component counter HAWKEY 1000. The simple operating concept, highest speed and precision characterize the new HAWKEYE 1000.
Profit [...]

Panasonic Mounter AM100

The AM 100 is Panasonic's all-rounder model and offers a perfect balance between productivity and versatility thanks to its single-head design and the use of linear drives. The modular one-portal machine with its 14-pipette head and 160 roller [...]

Panasonic Mounters NPM series

„Any mix, any volume“ – this is the philosophy of Panasonic mounters! Panasonic has the right system for each requirement –  from the small, variable EMS- service provider with one production line to the Corporation with several [...]

Panasonic Printers

High quality printing for the highspeed line as well as for the requirements of the colorful production mix: No more printer-related bottlenecks in the production-line – Panasonic printers are designed for throughput and [...]

HC Printer

Intelligent solder paste printing system with high flexibility and well thought-out concept
Thanks to its robust design and clever control mechanisms, the HC system can offer above-average process and repeat accuracy even for high-precision [...]

Laser Marking with Panasonic

Panasonics LPS-C Laser Marker combines high-speed and high quality: He labels a minium space of 0,1 mm x 0,1 mm with 3000mm/s and recognizes automatically X-Y coordinates. The system is able to laser letters, numbers, barcodes, QR-codes and [...]

Laser marking with YJ Link

Traceability concepts require the clear identification of printed circuit boards. This requires the automatic marking of 1D/2D barcodes, logos and text on PCBs or corresponding objects. Our CO2 laser marker not only offers extensive marking [...]

Goods receipt scanner with component counting

Do you want to combine incoming goods and X-ray component counting? We also offer a solution for this. The goods receipt scanner from MODI can be combined with a VisiConsult component counter to form a complete solution. This allows you to [...]