X-Ray inspection



You want to see what is hidden under a chip package: Is the amount of solder sufficient? Are there shorts? This can only be clarified by an X-ray inspection. SmartRep cooperates in this area with the manufacturers Techvalley and Unicomp, whose X-ray inspection systems we present here:


Inline X-Ray Inspection with Techvalley

Techvalleys HAWKEYE series combines ultra- high speed, precision and repetition accuracy and thus makes the X.ray inspection system a perfect inline-solution. The systems are designed for complex double-sided assemblies and demandig housings: [...]

X-Ray Inspection with Unicomp

Unicomp´s X-ray inspection systems combine simple operation and a broad inspection range: battery check, EMS, LED, semiconductors and many more. The systems are designed for 2D, 2.5D and CT functions. The units are equipped with X-ray tubes [...]

X-ray Component Counter HAWKEYE1000 

SmartRep presents with his x-ray specialist Techvalley the lastest generation of the X-ray component counter HAWKEY 1000. The simple operating concept, highest speed and precision characterize the new HAWKEYE 1000.
What does the counting [...]