Thermal profiling

With systems and solutions from KIC the reflow and wave soldering process can easily be optimized and controlled.

Beneath the classical profiler for single review and optimization of solder process, KIC offers several useful tools. A highlight is the RPI 24/7 monitoring system, with which you can control and improve your solder process continuously. A temperature profile of this PCB will be determined and saved. If the profile trend falls out of the process window, the system gives alarm and stops the process.

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KIC Profiler

The KIC X5 is the newest generation of thermal profiler. Because of its compact method of construction the X5 can be used for modern reflow-systems with very little space. The X5 is available in 7, 9, and 12 channel versions using standard type [...]


The KIC RPI is a fully automated 24/7 monitoring system. It determines the profile of each board and stops the process when the temperature profile is outside the process window. This makes it possible to give a complete traceability for each [...]

KIC Software

In addition to the classic Profiler for individual evaluation and optimization of the soldering process, KIC offers several additional useful tools and software. You can realize full traceability and evaluate smalles details statistically with [...]

KIC Equipment

All accessories for your KIC System: The KIC Carrier is the best Carrier for your profiler. The transport with can easily be set. The carrier is specially adapted to the profiler and guarantees the optimum headroom.

Spot checking your [...]

KIC Wave Surfer

Check your wave soldering process, and optimize your system for the best performance with the KIC Wave Surfer. The KIC Wave Surfer provides you in connection with your KIC-Profiler and the KIC-Software critical data on your system parameters [...]