As a pick and place system is the core of a production line SmartRep looked for a long time for the right machine to complete our product portfolio for whole line solutions. With the commericial launch of the E by SIPLACE by ASM Assembly Systems such a centrepiece was found. “E by SIPLACE is an extremply attractive solution for small and medium-sized companies” say SmartReps Managing Directors Andreas Keller and Rudolf Niebling.




The E-by-SIPLACE sets the new standard for quality in all-round placement solutions. Built on top of an extremely stiff frame, the E by SIPLACE moves its gantries and placement heads with non-wearing, precise linear drives and controllers that [...]


As exclusive distributor of the E by SIPLACE SmartRep offers you a wide product portfolio around the pick and place system. We are your contact for all questions around equipment and software options. Our feeder shelf [...]