Automatic placement machines from low budget to high speed

SmartRep has a broad portfolio of fully automated SMD assembly systems ranging from robust entry-level  systems to high-end solutions. SmartRep not only focuses on the speed and reliability of the systems, but also offers flexible solutions – from self-replaceable heads to feeder concepts and component feeding.



Panasonic Mounter AM100

The AM 100 is Panasonic's all-rounder model and offers a perfect balance between productivity and versatility thanks to its single-head design and the use of linear drives. The modular one-portal machine with its 14-pipette head and 160 roller [...]

Panasonic Mounters NPM series

„Any mix, any volume“ – this is the philosophy of Panasonic mounters! Panasonic has the right system for each requirement –  from the small, variable EMS- service provider with one production line to the Corporation with several [...]