Material Management



Traceability up to component level is a must-have in todays electronic production. SmartRep offers systems to control your goods receipt and for complete traceability: the goods receipt scanner by Modi.


Goods receipt scanner

Traceability up to component level is a must-have in todays electronic production. But as there is no uniform labeling standard concerning manufacturer information on component rolls, many companies in the electronic production need a flexible [...]

Smart Carts for SMD

Inocart is an intelligent storage solution for SMD production. Inocarts are available for all materials used in electronic manufacturing: From stencils and SMD components to tubes, the variety of smart shelves is endless. These are available as [...]

Goods receipt scanner with robot arm

Full automation of incoming goods now with MODI's Robo-WES: The successful incoming goods table has been extended by a robot arm which automatically places the component rolls on the scanner and applies a unique ID label after ERP booking. The [...]

Goods receipt scanner with component counting

Do you want to combine incoming goods and X-ray component counting? We also offer a solution for this. The goods receipt scanner from MODI can be combined with a VisiConsult component counter to form a complete solution. This allows you to [...]

Smart MSD Cart

Storing MSD materials is possible directly on the production line with our Inocart Smart MSD: The Inocart Smart MSD prevents components from cracking during the reflow process by controlling the moisture control of the individual chambers. The [...]

Storing Stencils

The smart Inoflex cart has been designed to increase the speed at which soldering stencils can be stored and retrieved. Each stencil can be stored or retrieved in less than 10 seconds. Each intelligent storage compartment in the Inoflex has a [...]

Stockroom Concept

Whether complete warehouse, individual module or intermediate storage at the SMD line - every production has its own workflow and usually a good soul that keeps track. Because it is immensely important for SmartFactory that the right material [...]