Laser Marker



Identification of the printed circuit board

Traceability concepts and customer specifications require the clear traceability of printed circuit boards for each process step. Many electronics manufacturers rely on the flexible possibilities of laser marking. SmartRep offers systems from the manufacturers Panasonic and YJ Link.


Laser Marking with Panasonic

Panasonics LPS-C Laser Marker combines high-speed and high quality: He labels a minium space of 0,1 mm x 0,1 mm with 3000mm/s and recognizes automatically X-Y coordinates. The system is able to laser letters, numbers, barcodes, QR-codes and [...]

Laser marking with YJ Link

Traceability concepts require the clear identification of printed circuit boards. This requires the automatic marking of 1D/2D barcodes, logos and text on PCBs or corresponding objects. Our CO2 laser marker not only offers extensive marking [...]