Laser Depaneling

Process advantages through the use of laser technology

Because miniaturisation plays a major role in all industrial sectors, printed circuit boards are also becoming increasingly compact. In addition, several individual circuits are to be produced from one panel in a material-saving manner. To achieve this, the panels must be separated particularly gently and with the narrowest possible edges. The cutting processes using milling or sawing technology, which have been widely used up to now, are often unable to meet these increased requirements. The current trend is therefore clearly towards depaneling with laser technology, which offers several advantages over mechanical cutting processes.


30 % space savings

Because laser technology means that only a minimal heat-affected zone has to be taken into account in the circuit board design, the switch from a mechanical process to laser depaneling results in space savings of around 30 percent.


Precise edges, complex contours

Clean cut, gentle production process and precise plated through holes.

LPKF’s unique CleanCut technology reduces carbonisation to zero and increases the reliability and service life of PCBs.

Reduced process costs due to high cutting quality: No cleaning steps are necessary.


LPKF can look back on over 40 years of experience as a technology and innovation leader and has its headquarters in Garbsen near Hanover, Lower Saxony. The systems are “Made in Germany” and offer intuitive operation, fast product changes and high process speeds.

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CuttingMaster Series

Flexibility, space savings and freedom of design with LPKFs CuttingMaster