Laser Depaneling

Process advantages through the use of laser technology

Because miniaturization plays a major role in all industrial sectors, printed circuit boards are also becoming increasingly compact. In addition, several individual circuits are to be produced from a single panel in a material-saving manner. To achieve this, the separation of the panels must be particularly gentle and with the narrowest possible edges. The current trend is therefore clearly towards depaneling with laser technology, which offers some advantages over mechanical cutting processes.



Speed and premium cutting: The PicoLine from LPKF combines flexibility, quality and speed in depaneling. Whether flex, rigid-flex or FR4 (all thicknesses) and of course LTCC, Al2O3, PTFE, LCP - the PicoLine depanellers cut everything!


The MicroLine panel cutters are regarded as all-rounders: Depending on the configured laser source, they can be used to process flex, rigid-flex, FR4 up to 1.6 mm, LCP, PTFE, LCP, LTCC.

Cutting Master

The Cutting Master is a price-performance miracle: It is suitable for Flex, Rigid-Flex and FR4 circuit boards up to 0.5 mm.