Our Handling systems guarantee high quality and reliability at fair price


Our handling solutions offer a modern design and are easy to operate. A perfect partner within your production line! You can choose between a wide range of standard as well as custom-built systems.

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Whether multi, dual or single magazine - we have the right loader system for your PCBs in the production line. Choose one of our different loader systems for your production. We are looking forward to helf you with a personal advice.

Select [...]


Wheter multi-, triple-, dual-. or single magazine - we have the right unloader for PCBs from your production line. Choose from the different unloaders the right one for your production! We will help you with our personal [...]


For the transfer, transport and buffering of the curcuit boards in your production line, SmartRep offers a wide product portfolio. Choose the best for your production with one of our varios conveyor systems. In additation to [...]


Take advantage of the clever buffer systems of SmartRep. To avoid machine stoppages due to bad PCB´s, these boards can be moved into a buffer. You can also integrate a buffer in the productionline to avoid congestion on the conveyer. Select the optimum for your production [...]


Do you want to integrate a verification station in your production line? We have the right system for PCB´s. The verification station has a lifting station, there the operator can verify or repair bad boards. The "good" PCB´s are transported [...]