3D SPI-systems

As being world’s market and technology leader in 3D solder paste inspection KohYoung Technology offers you innovative systems.
Nowadays the 3D solder paste inspection system (also known as 3D SPI) has become a integral part of the modern SMD Production. It’s main task is to stop the transfer of bad PCBs to the next step within the production line. It helps to analyze weaknesses within the printing process and to optimize the whole process.

With over 10 years experience and more than 11.000 installed SPI and AOI systems KohYoung offers a lot more than other manufacturer. KohYoung is leading in accuracy, reproducibility and speed with its patented 3D measurement technology. With the perfect combination of technology, simple handling and large SPC analysis software Koh Young is setting the standard in 3D solder paste measurement.


KohYoung Inline 3D SPI

The inline 3D solder paste systems can easily be integrated in your production line. It will increase the process accuracy of your production. Depending on your process requirements you can choose different systems from Koh Young [...]

KohYoung Tabletop

The tabletop solution by KohYoung can be smoothly and efficiently integrated into your production because of its footprint. The 3D SPI system can especially be used for smaller lot sizes. The systems will increase the quality of your products [...]